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Drinking for two? It’s a thing. During pregnancy, your water needs increase by about two cups a day and if you’re breastfeeding, your body needs even more. U.Siip combines four electrolytes into one refreshing drink mix, made for momhood to support hydration and make drinking all that extra water a little bit less boring.

  • Blend of 4 electrolytes
  • Ingredient levels handpicked for moms
  • Plant-based (and tasty) flavors 
  • 4g of organic cane sugar
  • Low calories (20)
  • No artificial sweeteners, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO

how to use: Just add one packet to 8oz + water, mix and enjoy throughout your day (siip siip hooray)!

tips for mixing

Notice your U.Siip isn’t fully dissolving? Would you believe us if we told you that’s actually a good thing? What you’re seeing are real ingredients, which were derived from natural sources and prepared using just water, then milled into powders. This results in some small particles that may not 100% dissolve in water. In other words, it’s a way to see some of the good stuff - But don’t worry, this won’t impact the overall taste!

why hydration?

Water is essential. It supports everything from regulating our body temperature to making sure our organs are working properly to digesting our food, moving our bodies, going to the bathroom.. you get the idea. For moms though, especially during pregnancy and lactation, hydration becomes even more important.

The year was 2005...

And the times were a little bit.. different. In the early-2000s, there were few truly innovative products made to meet the real-life needs of real-life moms. So three moms, entrepreneurs, and all-around bad asses came together in Austin, TX (y’all), said “there has to be a better way,” and created a company called Upspring.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
monika sollis
Makes drinking water 1000x better!

Remembering to drink water is hard these days with two little kids but this drink mix helps make it feel kind of like a treat. It is the perfect amount of sweetness compared to others I’ve tried in the past that just tasted like a packet of sugar. I really love this flavor and how refreshing it is!

Ester B
Just enough flavor. Keeps me going!

I often have problems with drink mixes that are too sweet. U.siip is the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor. I used it while breastfeeding to keep my supply up and now am using it in early stage pregnancy to keep myself hydrated and headache free. I love the single serving pouches- great for on the go!

Kamilah Arceneaux

I donate breastmilk to premature infants and this is so helpful! I noticed an increase in my production right away which obviously means I’m either dehydrated in the first place or drinking too much water and lacking in electrolytes. Honestly it could be either on any given day, so I’m super thankful for this water enhancer. I’m not much of a ginger gal, but it smells wonderful and tastes pretty good too. For some reason I expected it to be make the water fizzy but it’s more reminiscent of tea. What a wonderful, innovative product. Give this a try if you’re pregnant, but if you’re breastfeeding I’d say it’s a MUST! No more drinking excessive coconut waters (which can upset the tummy,) or praying that your fifth body armor sports drink will give you the electrolyte boost you need. This ones a given!


This was a great tasting water addition! I always look for ways to increase water and flavors and this helped tremendously because of the taste!

Refreshing & Easy to Drink

It’s so nice to have an easy to drink water replacement. I need electrolytes to keep me going and with being a new mom I regularly forget to drink enough water daily. This is a great product and I’m glad I found it!

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