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We were getting tired of the same old water,
but the sugary electrolyte drinks made for athletes just weren’t cutting it.

why hydration?

Water is essential. It supports everything from regulating our body temperature to making sure our organs are working properly to digesting our food, moving our bodies, going to the bathroom.. you get the idea.

For moms though, especially during pregnancy and lactation, hydration becomes even more important.

Fun Fact: The human body is composed of ~60% water

why electrolytes?

Electrolytes are essential nutrients that help lock water
into the body. They impact every area of our body and we lose them regularly through things like sweating, peeing, and (you guessed it) breastfeeding.

Sometimes less is more though. U.Siip contains a splash of 4 electrolytes. Why? Because the amount of electrolytes needed for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and mom life in general aren’t the same as those needed to recover from a marathon (even if being a mom sometimes feels like running a marathon). 

meet our electrolyte blendimg

electrolytes (like water) need to be replaced daily!

  • img calcium
    (aka the connector)
  • img magnesium
    (aka the regulator)
  • img potassium
    (aka the balancer)
  • img sodium
    (aka potassium's bestie)

imgwe've got U!

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